Live Chat Agent for Website

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Ace Chat offers live chat software and 24×7 professional live chat agent for your website with fully trained to assist the visitors. Now you can track all the live chat leads in Google Analytics and make better choice to modify your campaigns. Our website support service is perfect to outsource your live chat support

With the support of the Live Chat Agent for Website we are offering the below mentioned services:
Quality Responses: our agents provide quick response to your visitors in the website with enough information to instill trust so that they are prepared to pass their details on. Our agents make your visitor feel best on your website

Qualifying Questions: We specialize in delivering skilled leads. Using qualifying question to visitors such as budget, ZIP code, or anything else to help you to determine a good lead from your website visitor

Lead Capture: We capture name, email, cell/mobile phone, nature of their inquiry, qualifying questions, referring URL, page chat was initiated and much more

Chat Script Expert: We have an enthusiastic team of chat script writers who set up our agents to knockout your visitors with quality conversations that result in loads of leads

Focused on Conversion: Our team has thousands of chat flows over the years to guarantee the highest rate of chats get converted into leads that are straightforward for you to close

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