Live Chat Agent for Website

Ace Chat offers live chat software and 24×7 professional live chat agent for your website with fully trained to assist the visitors. Now you can track all the live chat leads in Google Analytics and make better choice to modify your campaigns. Our website support service is perfect to outsource your live chat support

With the support of the Live Chat Agent for Website we are offering the below mentioned services:
Quality Responses: our agents provide quick response to your visitors in the website with enough information to instill trust so that they are prepared to pass their details on. Our agents make your visitor feel best on your website

Qualifying Questions: We specialize in delivering skilled leads. Using qualifying question to visitors such as budget, ZIP code, or anything else to help you to determine a good lead from your website visitor

Lead Capture: We capture name, email, cell/mobile phone, nature of their inquiry, qualifying questions, referring URL, page chat was initiated and much more

Chat Script Expert: We have an enthusiastic team of chat script writers who set up our agents to knockout your visitors with quality conversations that result in loads of leads

Focused on Conversion: Our team has thousands of chat flows over the years to guarantee the highest rate of chats get converted into leads that are straightforward for you to close

Live Chat for Customer Support

At Ace Data Solutions, we believe in providing the Best Live Chat Service to our Customer regardless of how big their business is. Our Live Chat Support service is Affordable and has a Huge Positive Impact on bottom line of our clients. From Engaging and Tracking Visitors to Collecting Feedback and Controlling the Team of Agents; we do our best at everything. Our agents are regarded for their high customer retention and conversion rates. We maintain a response time of maximum 30 seconds, whereas our agents are available 24 X 7 X 365.

Our success lies in the success of our customers’ businesses. Becoming the strategic partner, we help our customers identify the opportunities in their industry and also support them to explore those opportunities resulting in their accelerated growth. Ace Data Solutions engages your online website visitors in real time and optimizes lead generation by effectively up-sell and cross-sell you’re offering to potential buyers. Our world class delivery centers in Pune, India are an integral part of our global delivery network helping deliver business value to our customers worldwide across a wide range of industries.

Our staff makes us who we are. Handpicked for their focus, team oriented approach and listening skills. Ace Chat has a fully managed team of chat agents who are highly trained for handling your website visitors. This 24*7 chat support will make your website live and customers will feel that you are totally in to your business. It will maintain high level of customer satisfaction and bridge communication between you and your customers. Our live chat agents have the ability to convert the visitors in to customers.


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Live Chat Agents | 24/7 Live Chat Agents

24/7 Live Chat Agents

Live chat agents who employ that tool use it to satisfy customers and fulfilled. Through one to one communication, which involves answering various inquiries and solving problems, agents should strive to please their customers. Live chat enables you to quickly speak to your website visitors via instant messaging. The chat essentially shows up in their program window, and the website visitor can visit with an administrator by composing into the live chat box. Using live chat, you can communicate with your customers in a channel they like and utilize that to give an extraordinary experience.

Live chat Agents with our 24/7 accessibility, our live chat agents are there to help your visitors. Our agents work every day and time to make sure there is someone to meet your customers always. The specialties of our service are responding to queries at the real time and give the  best solution to the customers. With the increase in customers daily, they need to be answered quickly. We’re here for people who want the best live chat outsourcing has to present. With our Live Chat Operator we respond to every question, be it is related to any installation, repair, order, troubleshoot and technical upgrades plus provides solutions via phone, email or live chat.

Live Chat for Lead Generation For your Business


Ace Chat 24/7 offers live chat software and 24/7 professional live chat agents fully trained to aid your visitors. Now it is very easy to track all your live chat leads in Google Analytics and make better choice to optimize your campaign.Our offered website live support service is perfect to outsource your live chat support. The service offered by Ace Chat 24/7 connects with your online site visitors / customers proactively and improves the lead generation by up-selling and cross-selling your products and services.

Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to Ace Chat 24/7

At Ace Chat 24/7, we can provide you the best variety of live chat support services such as force chat, proactive chat and visitors-initiated chat. We are supported with professionals who are trained to provide the expert Live chat support service to the customers with technical support, lead generation, information on products / services assistance in ordering, in order fulfillment, verification of orders and other details of order processing queries.

We are providing your customers with the skilled and precise live chat support services on a 24/7 and 365 days basis. Your esteem customers will be able to get quick answers to their queries related to your products with our live chat support services. Our well trained experts can offer your customers with quick information about the services that you offer. Our employed team is well trained to cross-sell and up-sell to customers. We are even giving you with the detailed statistics/ reports and chat satisfaction surveys. Outsourcing live chat service to Ace Chat 24/7 and availing benefit from gain in revenue as more visitors to your website will be converted into prospects. Our expert live chat support services can instill trust in your customers and this can lead to increased customer loyalty.

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